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New Details on Boating Accident

New Details on Boating Accident - Monday, June 21, 2010 at 04:13AM EST

Reported by: Eric Deabill
Monday June 21 2010

GREENE TOWNSHIP, PIKE COUNTY - We're learning new information on a boating accident on Lake Wallenpaupack.

Investigators now say only three people were hurt when a jet ski collided with a boat. That collision sent the boat into another boat.

Officials with the Fish & Boat Commission are still not releasing the names of the people involved. They say they are still trying to figure what led up to the accident.

Denise Morganthall heard the impact.

"All we saw was the boat up in the air. It was completely like up in the air," Morganthall said. They heard, "a very large crash. Then people screaming and yelling, help, help!"

Investigators say two people were on the jet ski. The driver was a woman from New Jersey. She was flown from the scene.

Mark Pappas is the director of the Ledgedale Recreation Area which is close to where the accident happened. He was not there at the time but is curious about what caused the situation to play out.

"It was a beautiful, hot, sunny day. Sometimes by the end of the day people are a little bit tired," Pappas said. "It could be driver error. It could be a little carelessness or something but for the most part, things have been pretty calm on the lake."

Boaters say sometimes jet skis are a problem on the water.

"I guess accidents happen but sometimes the jet skiers get a little wild. I guess trying to jump the waves of the boats and I can see it happening," Rudy Pohl of Allentown said.

"Generally, everyone's pretty nice on the water. I would say on the weekends, if it's real busy, jet skiers tend to act like they rule the water but I think for the most part, everyone's pretty courteous," Sarah Tigue said.

Investigators say the two other people that were hurt were on the second boat that was hit. They're also looking to track down the driver of the first boat because he took off from the scene.

"This is the first accident that I've heard and this is our third year here," Daphne Valleau of New York said.

"Most everybody out there is pretty courteous and everybody kinda watches out for each other," Tanya Viohl said.

Investigators say the injuries of the three people were not life threatening.

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